• Welcome to Fishington Studios

    Apps, Innovation, and Gills!

  • We exist to make things

    Our apps are unique and different

  • Quality is in our DNA

    We care about what we do, and we aren’t afraid to try new things

Latest News: We just redesigned our website for a fresh new start in 2019. Isn't it great?

A Little About Us

We are a small Indie software development company located in the beautiful city of Logan Utah.

Our Vision

At Fishington Studios, we keep our feet on the deck and our eyes on the stars. It’s our way of dreaming big while staying focused. We look toward the future while embracing the obstacles that will take us there.

Our Products

We strive to create products that make people’s lives better. Our apps are simple, refined, and designed to delight. Our team is small. Our budget is even smaller. Our commitment to what we do is not.

Our Values

We believe that knowledge is freedom, and we know that freedom will always be more important than convenience. We believe in thinking for ourselves while living for causes greater than ourselves. We will never stop learning, and we will never stop striving to be better.

Our Future

As long as there are oceans to sail, and skies to reach for, we will be here. We aren’t afraid of the challenges ahead, and we believe that the future is bright and worth fighting for. We are here to stay.